Embassy Overview

The Kingdom of Valyria’s foreign affairs are managed under its Chancery, which organizes and maintains all diplomatic relations under its chief, the Lord Chancellor of Valyria.

In administrating its foreign affairs, the Kingdom of Valyria assigns qualified yeomen of its court to act as envoys. These envoys are charged with diplomatic missions to liaise with specific foreign states and their representatives.  Envoys of the Valyrian Royal Court who frequently interact with specific foreign governments and develop a rapport with them may be offered permanent positions as “ambassadors” to those respective governments.

The Embassy of Valyria Discord (server https://discord.gg/UzrWzW  ) is a place of public presence where the Chronicles of Elyria and Angelica communities may congregate. Official announcements of the Royal Court of Valyria will be made in this server for dissemination.

( Currently, until a Lord Chancellor is appointed, the administration of Valyrian Foreign Affairs is being handled by a “Grand Ambassador”, who can be contacted in the Valyrian Embassy Discord server. )

The Embassy of Valyria also facilitates official matters such as the reception of foreign diplomats, reception of offers of homage and fealty from new vassals, and the immigration and registration of subjects of the Crown of Valyria.  

Foreign Emissaries:

If you are a diplomat, herald, or emissary of a foreign government seeking audience with the Valyrian Royal Court, your embassy will be received by the appropriate Valyrian officials after posting in our Embassy of Valyria Discord Channel https://discord.gg/UzrWzW , #reception-hall.

Applicants who wish to become Subjects of the Crown of Valyria:

New Subjects of Valyria, presently unaffiliated:

If you have come to the website for the Kingdom of Valyria in the interest of becoming a naturalized subject of the Crown and living or working in the realm of Valyria, you will first need to fill out an (application: link) . Make sure you read over the listing of Valyrian duchies offered on this site (here: link), for you will be asked in the application in which duchy you wish to dwell.

Your application will then be submitted to the Chancery of Valyria, where it will be processed in the order received by a Clerk of the Court assigned to recruitment. If your application is approved, you may be invited for a brief interview in the Embassy of Valyria Discord (server : link) https://discord.gg/UzrWzW  listed above.

Current Subjects of a Duchy of Valyria:

If you are already a subject of one of the duchies of Valyria, you will need to register with the Chancery’s kingdom census via the same (application: link). Doing so is necessary for access to the following:

Roles and permissions in the Kingdom of Elyria Discord server

Recognition of your coat of arms (for tournament participation, fief grants, battle muster)

Issuance of writs, warrants, or permits for hunting, trade or passage

Offers of employment in the Royal Court of Valyria or royal troop corps

Purchase of land or buildings in royal lands

Trial appeal by King’s Bench or the Court of Chancery

Chartering a guild, order, or company in Valyria

Awards of honor and decoration

When asked in the process of filling out the application if you are already affiliated with a Valyrian duchy, answer yes and select your duchy from the drop-down menu. After completing a shortened version of the application, you will be registered with the kingdom census when your status is confirmed with your home duchy by a Clerk of the Court.

Homage and Fealty from New Vassal Barons, Counts, or Dukes:

If you are a holder of noble title or the leader of an unaffiliated warband or guild larger than 15 people and wish to pledge fealty to the Crown or to any of its tenant-in-chief Dukes, please appear in the #reception-hall as if you were a diplomat, where you will be put in contact with the King or the duchy you wish to pledge fealty to.  The application may be submitted at a later time.

Process to join the Kingdom of Valyria:

1) Please join our Discord [ https://discord.gg/UzrWzW ] If you have any questions one of our royal clerks will be able to assist you.

2) Please head over to our website: [https://kingdomofvalyria.com/] and read about us. Make sure you go over our Government section so that you understand how we operate.

3) You must be registered on our Kingdom Forums. You can sign up here: https://forums.kingdomofvalyria.com/register/

4) Once you are ready to fill out a subjectship application and become an official subject of our kingdom, you can do so by logging in to the Kingdom of Valyria forums at the following link: https://forums.kingdomofvalyria.com/forms/2-subjectship-application/

4a) If you are already an existing member of a duchy, you still must submit an application. However, once you do, please notify your Duke and provide him with the link. He or she will be able to endorse/vouch for you and as result you won’t need to go through the interview process.

4b) One of our royal clerks or heralds will usually respond to you within 24 hours. However, sometimes it may take up to 72 hours due to an excessive amount of applications. Please be advised that our kingdom applications are not usually processed over the weekends.

5) Once your application is accepted, the next step is an interview in our Embassy Discord. [ https://discord.gg/UzrWzW ]

6) One your pass your interview, the final step is to swear the appropriate Oath of Fealty to our kingdom, and to swear to follow the Crown as well as the Great Charter of Valyria and Common Law.

7) Welcome to the Kingdom of Valyria!