History of the Kingdom of Valyria

Valyria’s history is as diverse as the dukes who have come together to constitute it. Most duchies pledged to Valyria have histories of their own, and some date back as much as twenty years in online gaming.  As a Chronicles of Elyria kingdom, however, Valyria’s history is much shorter. The monarch package that would become Valyria was first purchased by Aurick Hinge. However, like many pledged monarchs for Chronicles of Elyria, Aurick Hinge eventually preferred not to take the role of leader and to instead bestow his crown onto another. Wanting to ensure the best management for the kingdom he had purchased, Aurick Hinge searched carefully for leaders whom he felt would serve the kingdom best, and reached out to first Matthias Valen of SPQV (Senatus Populusque Valyriana) and then Manus Dei of Hyperion. He offered them each packages he had purchased if they would work together to turn his kingdom investment into something great.

                When Matthias Valen accepted the crown, he chose to name the kingdom “Valyria” as an homage to an idea of an ancient empire whose achievements and legacies underpinned existing present day kingdoms, following a Roman theme. Valyria and the House Valen had the same Roman theme most recently in Life is Feudal. As King Arthur Valen, Matthias chose to continue the aesthetic of Valyria and also drove its diplomacy and public face, gathering the largest assembly of dukes for a kingdom in NA-West. King Arthur Valen’s planning and knowhow also lay behind the release of this Valyria website and its administrative tools for managing Valyria’s growth cleanly and efficiently.

                The other leader who had been reached out to by Aurick Hinge, Manus Dei, was appointed second in command by King Arthur Valen. Manus contributed the political framework to Valyria, as outlined in its “Great Charter of Valyria.” The system of feudal government it outlines had been implemented in Manus’s “Kingdom of Hyperion”, and had been used to great effect in organizing a 5000 member playerbase toward the achievement of conquering half of the server in the world of Darkfall in 2009. Because of Manus’s input, as an update to the feudal experiment in massive clan management for online PVP MMO gaming, Valyria’s government is therefore something of a spiritual successor to Hyperion.

                Now, having passed through twists and turns, Valyria has continually responded and adapted to news and results that have come through map selection, then kingdom selection, and on through domain and settlement selection. As a result, Valyria stands as the largest kingdom on the NA-W Angelica server, poised as the bridge between the northern and southern reaches of the Angelica continent, and primed to grow into the most unforgettably rich and deep kingdom society simulation gaming has yet seen.