Our Story

Those of us who conceived the idea of Valyria did so with a definite vision in mind: to create a kingdom according to the highest standard possible, and to outdo not only other CoE kingdoms, but the quality of any gaming organization in any game to date.  In preparing Valyria to meet that goal, we have truly striven to implement a number of defining features.

                The Royal Court of Valyria is made up of some truly accomplished individuals. Some are veteran leaders of major PVP MMO clans, while others are highly capable leaders in fields like tech, law, academia, finance, or the real world military. The leaders of our kingdom include Silicon Valley CEOs, personal lawyers of high powered US politicians, award winning professors and laureates, Wall Street financiers, and US Military field officers. Knowing that the best leadership is always provided by the most informed decision makers, we have endeavored to make sure that every executive decision in Valyria is informed by sheer competence and talent.

                Our goal of playing Chronicles of Elyria to the fullest involves much attention to detail and brainstorming about how to be competitive, but also very notably about how to make our game experience immersive. The reason we do all of this perhaps reveals the most about who we are as a gaming community. For us, participating in a large scale hybrid PVP-MMO isn’t just recreation. To us, it’s a bit more like art.

                A big genre-changing game like Elyria comes around perhaps once a decade, and in the leadup to a release, we have always found ourselves bustling about in a serious but inspiring flurry of activity.  We treat the process just like mounting a production of a stage play or even a movie. The king is the director, and just as a director organizes and approves the input of a set designer, costume designer, lighting, and stage manager, we find our expert appointees to the various royal departments working with the king in the same capacity. One might even say that our process of “mounting” the finished kingdom perfectly mirrors the game developers’ efforts to add content and features to the game! The effort is truly collaborative and wholly creative, and win or lose, makes the gaming experience richly rewarding for us.                

                To be a Valyrian is to be a collaborator with us – someone who is willing to let themselves be inspired by a vision of what a game like Elyria can be and to throw their creativity and passion in with us. Valyria is an elite kingdom of people who intend to use the tools provided by Chronicles of Elyria – this sandbox given by the developers – to push this gaming genre to heights that were thought impossible. To be a Valyrian is to find kinship and camaraderie with us because of these ideals, and to stand shoulder to shoulder in loyalty and steadfastness with us, even against all difficulty and adversity, because of the commonality of our vision.