The Kingdom of Valyria is a Neran, Kypiq and The Waerd based kingdom on the Angelica server (North America – West) for the game “Chronicles of Elyria.” The cultures of the races Valyria caters to align with its theme and vision: a Western European styled feudal constitutional monarchy with all the hallmarks of an historical medieval court.

    Valyria’s inspiration lies somewhere between late Imperial Rome and the royal courts of the High Middle Ages and Renaissance. Although a true feudal kingdom, the Roman aesthetic informs Valyria’s design and concept. Think perhaps of the historical kingdoms that appeared in the West in the centuries immediately after Rome’s fall, during the time period known as “The Migration Era.” In this time period, we saw Ostrogothic kings rule in Ravenna, but the Roman patrician class and senate were allowed to remain in Rome, so that not only Roman culture, but also traces of the old republican institutions were still seen. Outside of Italy, such was the lingering Roman influence that great Germanic kings who arose, like Charlemagne, styled themselves “Roman emperor,” and awarded their companions with Latin titles inspired by old Roman official appointments like comes or dux: the first feudal titles of nobility. All royal courts adopted Latin administrative practices in an attempt to maintain some semblance of the old Imperial order, and in so doing, to add legitimacy to their regimes. Valyria places itself in this thematic setting, as a kingdom in a new era of courts and fealty that aligns itself with a glorious bygone classical age of marching legions, great public works, ancient learning, and the fruits of high civilization.  

    Yet, for all that our atmosphere may be inspired by the first historical stirrings of feudalism, Valyria is specifically a constitutional monarchy, and also draws much from later prototypical forms of representative government such as England after the Magna Carta, or the Italian republics such as Genoa and Venice which also appeared in the early post-Roman world. In Valyria, the entire class of nobility -dukes and counts- are not mere subordinate vassals to the king, but constitute a ruling body and an arm of government. The “Second Estate” is especially empowered in Valyria, as our counts and dukes legislate in Parliament and sit with the King in his Curia, adding their voices to policy and law.

    In Valyria, you will find a feudal class that truly believes in the sentiments expressed in the bonds and oaths of fealty and honor that make up the very heart of feudalism. We understand that in the press of war and the high stakes of Elyria, we must be absolutely certain that we can count on each other. More than that, our enthusiasm about Chronicles of Elyria has led us to spend the best of our energy and resources in preparing for a very long and rewarding experience. To that end, we have exercised our diligence in recruiting the sharpest talent and the most accomplished veterans as we have gone about patiently laying the most fertile groundwork possible for our success. To be a part of Valyria is to pledge yourself to an elite society that is committed to the finest exploration of what Elyria can be. If your ambition and excitement has been kindled as brightly as ours has been, we welcome you.