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The Duke of Wessex has gone by the name Manus Dei in the gaming community since 2005, and is played by Mike Dunchok, a master of martial arts and acupuncturist in Orange County, California. Mike holds 6th degree black belt certificates in Hapkido and in Kuk Sool Kwan, the royal court martial art of Korea, and possesses 4 different academic degrees as well. He was valedictorian of his medical school and also summa cum laude and first in his class in degrees in Classics and Religious Studies from UCI. In addition to these, Mike also has a degree in Theater Arts and has worked on stage and film, with special emphasis in musical theater. He is now applying all this background to a role in a fictional video game kingdom.

In the gaming community, Manus is most well known for having led the Duchy of Wessex and the Kingdom of Hyperion in 2009's Darkfall, a predecessor PVP-MMO to Chronicles of Elyria. The Kingdom of Hyperion grew to 5000 playing members and conquered as much as half of the European server of Darkfall at its zenith, and as a result Manus was immortalized with game elements named after him in Darkfall's sequel. He also might be recognized from his work making overhaul mods for games as a labor of love, such as May 2015 Skyrim Nexus mod of the month, Immersive Jewelry.

Manus's duchy, Wessex, is perhaps unique in that its purchase was funded by individual donations from its collective members, for which he is extremely grateful and honored. Wessex, and sometimes its family of sister clans, the Kingdom of Hyperion, have appeared in Shadowbane, Asheron's Call, Darkfall, Mortal Online, Face of Mankind, Planetside, Legends of Aria, Wurm, Fallen Earth, and most recently, Life is Feudal.

Manus currently serves as the Hand (Lord Privy Seal) of Valyria and is the writer of the text elements of this site. He also is speechwriter for His Majesty, King Valen, and has drafted the official Valyrian government documents like the Great Charter of Valyria.