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Duke Nazrab Droth presides over the Duchy of Calador, but lives in Nevada. He has gone to school for computer science, physics, business, mathematics, and law. He currently practices as an attorney but was previously a computer scientist. He is also the subject matter expert on law for Chronicles of Elyria. (get those contracts ready).

The Duchy of Calador is home to elite researchers and artisans with a focus on ship production, tinkering, alchemy, contract drafting, and smithing.
He has been playing online games since the 1990s and has been a part of several online groups and communites. He backed and joined Chronicles of Elyria due to the unique and bold concepts being promised that seemed to take some of the best aspects of other games. While he started out as wanting to be a simple tavern keeper and go on adventures, he upgraded to duke to help provide players interested in playing the game, a home to live out their dreams as well.

He has ran countless table top games and loves to create adventures, which is part of the nobilities' duties in game. As part of the stories he will provide, the first one will be riddles to buried chests within Calador that each contain part of a code. Solve the riddles, break the code, and he will step down and give you the duchy.