Brief info

Her Royal Highness, Princess Aletheia Valen is played by Courtney Barr, a 33 year old acupuncturist and yoga teacher living and working in Southern California. Courtney graduated summa cum laude from her medical school, the Southern California University of Health Sciences, and also has a degree in Theater Arts from the University of California, San Diego.

In addition to her career in healthcare and physical fitness instruction, Courtney is a consummate actress and singer. She has appeared in countless productions of musical theater at various venues in Southern California, and has won several awards for her memorable performances as popular characters. Courtney is very enthusiastic about applying her acting skills to the role of Princess of Valyria, a role that should come easy to her given her Leo sun sign!

Courtney is most looking forward to exploring the lush landscapes of Elyria on her purebred horse, and to strolling in the halls of the royal palace of Valyria. Courtney would like Aletheia to be a princess who listens to and intercedes on behalf of the concerns of the people of Valyria, and will model her character on a combination of Princess Diana and Marjery from Game of Thrones.