Kingdom of Valyria Wiki 

In this encyclopedia of all things Valyria, you will find concepts and jargon used in Valyrian government and culture explained in depth. Whether you’re already a subject of Valyria , someone who is considering becoming one, or even a foreign visitor wanting to find your way around Valyrian customs, these pages should aid you in discovering everything you need to know! If you are considering taking the Royal Yeomann Exam to gain employment as an official of any of the feudal courts of Valyria, you will find it very helpful as a glossary containing all the specifics that you need to gain the necessary expertise to pass with a high score.


Table of Contents

The Great Powers of Valyria

Government Documents and Definitions

Social Classes




Ceremonial Protocols


Territories of Valyria

  • I. The Royal Duchy of Valence
  • II. The Duchy of An'ayr
  •    A. The County of Redbight
  •    B. The County of Endelos
  •    C. The County of Perity
  • III. The Duchy of Ashira
  •    A. County of Cambria
  •    B. County of Orissa
  • IV. The Duchy of Amberlands
  •    A. County of Paith Affalon
  •    B. County of the Silver Sun
  •    C. County of Urth
  • V. The Duchy of Calador
  •    A. County of Droth
  •    B. County of Seadon
  •    C. County of Montfire
  • VI. The Duchy of Haverlands
  •    A. County of Terrasen
  •    B. County of Aldwych
  •    C. County of Platdon
  •    D. County of Milovia
  •    E. County of Eij’irrh Bay
  •    F. County of Warmcorner
  •    G. County of The Leffit
  • VII. The Duchy of Ki’Est
  •    A. The County of Viridiana
  • VIII. The Duchy of Prismatia
  •    A. County of Lumina
  •    B. Count of Crosseagle
  •    C. County of Peneagle
  • IX. The Duchy of Wessex
  •    A. The County of Elba
  •    B. The County of Launceston
  •    C. The County of Yorkshire
  •    D. The County of Kubai
  •    E. The County of Cavalari
  •    F. The County of Hospingham
  • X. The Duchy of Ashside