The Army of Valyria is an arm of the royal government, a Crown Branch headed by the Lord Constable, who is commander in chief of all Valyrian forces. As the military administration of the Kingdom of Valyria, the Army of Valyria organizes the wartime efforts of the following Valyrian troop corps:

1. Royal Troops. These are soldiers in the direct service of the King. They include such bodies as the Royal Guard, the Royal Knights, the Royal Rangers, and sworn soldiers of House Valen.

2. The Feudal Array. These are the troops of all the dukes’ regiments, and of the retinues of knights and companies of barons who serve under them.

3. Militias. These are irregular troops who may be called up by levy in emergencies, and could be led by lords mayor, counts, or influential burgesses.

4. Mercenaries. These are hired soldiers in the employment of the Crown or various dukes.

5. The Navy. The Navy is a Crown Branch in its own right, but is nevertheless under the command of the Army of Valyria.