Barons in the Kingdom of Valyria are the highest in precedence of the domini minores, because they are the only lesser lords who hold land in feudal tenure. With bannerets, they are also the only lesser lords who hold substantive titles and not mere titles by courtesy. Barons enter into fealty contracts with dukes, who are the only ones empowered to grant them letters patent and create them in the title of baron. These contracts involve military service, castleward, and muster in exchange for payment from the duke, and effectively make the baron a vassal of the suzerain duke. [1] [2]

Barons must hold or be awarded a fief of at least 25 parcels in size with ramparts [3], which will thereafter become a fort, keep, or stronghold. This stipulation will likely be specified in the fealty contract between the prospective baron and his duke. There are other duties a baron is expected to perform, such as acting as a judge of King's Bench in the absence of a judge appointee. [4]

Barons are recognized by the military rank of captain, and are thus the leaders of companies under a banner containing the baronial coat of arms. If a baron is himself a knight, he may grant the Accolade to new knights, but otherwise may take existing knights as his vassals, in any case.

The title of baron is hereditary and is passed down to the eldest child as heir apparent of the baron. Barons hold baronies by right, as detailed in their letters patent, and their baronies cannot be taken from them by process or majority vote, as is often the case for lords mayor, who only govern their settlements by the will of the town council.

In formal address, a herald should announce a baron as “His Lordship, the Right Honorable the Baron <Surname or Barony Name> with no “of“, and directly as, “My Lord.” When referred to as “Lord N“, N is his surname or his territory name. The female equivalent is Lady and Ladyship. 




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