Cabinet Officers

The Cabinet Officers, also called Executors, are the leaders of the royal departments which make up the Crown, which are called the Crown Branches. Collectively, they are known as the Royal Cabinet.

In summary, they are:

The Lord Privy Seal (Hand of the King) , who is the primary officer of the Royal Cabinet and oversees all other Cabinet officers and departments.

The Lord Chancellor, who is the head of the Crown Branch called Chancery and also of Parliament.

The Lord Constable, who is the commander-in-chief of the Valyrian Army.

The Lord Chamberlain, who is the head of the Royal Chambers.

Lord Admiral, who is the chief military officer of the Valyrian Navy.

Lord Exchequer, who runs the eponymous Royal Exchequer

Lord Steward of Trade who operates through both Chancery and Exchequer.

Lord Diplomat, who is housed in Chancery.

Lord Warden, who manages all Royal Forest.

Lord Inquisitor, who is headquartered in the Shadow Authority.

Lord Intelligencer, who is also in the Shadow Authority.

Lord Justiciar, who is the chief executor of justice in King's Bench

An executor of the Royal Cabinet should be addressed as “The Right Honorable the Lord Chancellor” and in person as “Your Lordship” or “My Lord.”