clerk is an employee of a feudal court, and is one type of yeoman official. Clerks can be employed by ducal, comital, baronial, or boroughs courts, or even the royal court of Valyria. It is almost certain to be mandatory for employed Valyrian clerks to have the scribe skill, but as yeomen, Valyrian clerks are also expected to have passed the kingdom standard Royal Yeoman Exam to meet civil service benchmarks.

When employed as Clerks of the Royal Courtclerks belong to the Crown Branch known as Chancery. Their duties chiefly include processing applications on the Kingdom of Valyria forums, creating contracts, treaties, permits, writs, and charters in game via the scribe skill, and also recording and preserving accurate transcripts of court trials, diplomatic encounters, and historical events. Outside of game, clerks might be asked to produce charts, graphs, manuals or spreadsheets.