A colonel in the Valyrian Army is the leader of a column, also called a regiment. The term is suspected to originate from the Old Valyrian word for column, but could also originate from the word for the Crown, which is “corona,” and therefore would imply leadership by a crowned head. Because the rank of colonel is typically bestowed on and associated with the role of duke, and dukes are royal peers who wear coronets, the latter argument is often given weight.

At any rate, the colonel is the leader of the regiment, and is thus commander over a group of captains leading companies which comprise it. The deputy of a colonel is called a constable, and will often be an appointed and trusted member of a duke’s cabinet.

Colonel can be a ceremonial role when dukes who are not competent for battle leadership rely on their appointed constables as lieutenant colonels. Still, the duke is always honored as the leader of the regiment, even when he does not actually command it.

Dukes whose military muster is predominantly naval are called admirals. Instead of a regiment, admirals have command over a “fleet.” The warships in the fleet are each considered companies headed by a captain. The lieutenant to an admiral is called a commodore.