Yeomann of the Court

Yeomenn of the court are junior ministers of royal, ducal, comital, or baronial courts who have taken and passed a standard examination on Valyrian government and law called the Royal Yeomann Exam. There are eight different types of yeomann of the court who can receive offers of employment in any of the tiered feudal courts of Valyria. Receiving an offer of employment as a yeomann at any feudal court can excuse a colonus from a fealty contract.

These different types of yeomenn include:

Clerks and Envoys, all of whom either work for or are dispatched by Chancery

Reeves, who are responsible for tax collection and affairs of the Exchequer

Pursuivants, who are messengers, masters of ceremony, and attendants to nobility, under the supervision of the College of Heralds

Rangers, who are also soldiers knowledgeable in woodcraft and are the ministers of the Royal Forest

Storemenn, who are charged with maintaining provisions and materiel for the Royal Chambers, the Valyrian Army or the Valyrian Navy

Agents, who are undercover operatives under the direction of the Shadow Authority

Attorneys, who practice in Law Courts like the Common Pleas or can be solicitors practicing in Chancery.

A ninth type of Yeomann of the Court is called the Sinecure Yeoman. A Sinecure Yeomann does not have any specific duties and is not a functioning member of a court, but may have received an appointment to render a particular service or skill, such as “Master Armorsmith” or “House Minstrel.”

Yeomenn of the Court who serve well can be promoted to more senior ministerial positions, which also come with a creation in the title of esquire.