Gentlemenn in Valyria are the relatives of knights, baronets, and barons, and the distant descendants of counts and dukes. Gentlemenn are armigers, but more specifically, a gentlemann is any member of a family which bears a coat of arms who does not himself bear a substantive title. For example, the eldest son of a knight is granted the title of esquire, but the younger sons of knights, and all of their children, are only classed as gentlemenn.

Other examples of gentlemenn include owners (or contributors) of land in villages or hamlets who are not the “village elder”, who is himself accounted a squire. These gentlemenn would be the town councillors or aldermenn of their villages.

The eldest sons of the youngest sons of magnates are squires, but their other children are all gentlemenn and gentlewomenn, as are their children in perpetuity.

In formal address, a herald should announce a gentlemann as “Mister <Name>“, and also directly as, “Mister.