Great Seal of Valyria

The Great Seal of Valyria is a symbolic wax seal that is a representation of the charge and blazon of the Kingdom of Valyria, seen for example in the upper left hand corner of this page. It may not have an in game counterpart, save perhaps as a graphical wax imprint at the bottom of government-level contracts, but in Valyria it is conceived of as metaphorically being in the possession of the Lord Chancellor, who is the Great Officer of State in charge of both the Crown Branch called Chancery and of Parliament. It is his possession of the Great Seal that makes it necessary for him to be in charge of both of these bodies, as every document issued by the government of Valyria must be ratified by passing under it. The Great Seal is therefore used as a guarantee of the authenticity of the most important and solemn records and documents, and is most commonly used by the Lord Chancellor to endorse laws, bills and measures, decrees of the Crown, or by Clerks of the Royal Court to issue common permits, writs, licenses, and the like.

In game, if there is no mechanic for an inventory object to grant the ability to set kingdom laws, the Lord Chancellor’s possession of the Great Seal might be metaphorically expressed in such a way as for the Lord Chancellor and his subordinate clerks to be granted access to the courthouse interface panel in the kingdom capitol.