Herald Oath

When a herald has been hired and accepted in that role, it is customary to make a formal pronouncement of the following, usually signed and saved on a public forum:

Oath of Office for a Herald

First, I swear to the [HIRING LORD] that made me of the order of herald, in his excellent presence, to be true in all manner point if I hear any manner of language or any other thing that should touch treason to his high and excellent person, or to his noble and discreet council, so help me under the Goddess Angelica.

I shall do my diligence to have knowledge of all the nobles, gentlemenn, and ladies within our march which should bear coats in the field in the service of the duke, his lieutenants, officers, and commissaries, and them with their issue truly register, and such arms as they bear, with the difference due in the arms to be given, and they hold any service by knight’s fee, whereby they should give to the [HIRING LORD] service for the defense of his land.

I shall be serviceable and secret in all points, except treason, and humble to all knights and gentleness, to lords and ladies and to gentlemenn and gentlewomen, and as a confessor of arms, and cause and counsel them to all the truth, worship, and virtue in that in me is, so help me under the Goddess Angelica.

I shall be true of all my reports, and diligent to seek worship, and I will desire to be in the places of great assembly of princes and princesses, lords, ladies, and estates of great worship, which through me may have cunning to report to [MY HIRING LORD], such worship as is occupied there, so help me under the Goddess Angelica.

I promise, in case that fortune befall me to meet any gentlemann of name and of arms that has lost his goods in our lord’s service, or in any other place of worship, if he requires me of my goods to his sustenance, I shall give or lend him to my power, so help me under the Goddess Angelica.

If in case I shall be in any place, that I hear any language between peoples that should touch any strife or debate between them two, and afterwards following that I be sent for to come before our duke to bear witness of the aforesaid language, I shall keep my mouth closed, and bear no witness without leave of both parties, and with their leave only shall I say the truth, and let neither for love nor for dread, but I shall say the truth, so help me under the Goddess Angelica.

Whensoever [MY HIRING LORD] shall request of me to give any message to any other queen, princess, state, or any other person out of this his realm, or to any person of whatever state, condition, or degree he or she be of within the same, that I shall do it as honorably and truly as my will and reason can serve me, and greatly to the advantage of [MY HIRING LORD] and his realm, and truly report bring again to [MY LORD]my message and as near to the charge to me committed in words and in substance as my said reason may attain to, always keeping myself secret for any manner motion, save to serve truth and such persons as I be requested to utter my charge unto.

I shall do my true duty to be every day more cunning than others in the office of arms, so as I may be better furnished to teach others under me, and execute with more wisdom and more eloquence such charges as the sovereign lord and his realm or of his realm any nobleman or noblewoman shall lay unto me by the virtue of the office, which [MY HIRING LORD] will erect me to at this time, discovering in no wise that I have in charge to keep closer than that be prejudicial to the sovereign lord and his realm.

I shall promise to my power to forsake all vices, and take to myself all virtues, and that I be neither a dice player nor has-harder and that I flee places of corruption and dishonesty, of which the company is dishonest or corrupt. These articles and other abovesaid I swear truly to keep with all my might and power, so help me under Truth and the Goddess Angelica.

Let Truth guide me.