Heralds in the Kingdom of Valyria are a special type of yeoman. All qualified heralds have taken and passed the Royal Yeoman Exam and then sought employment at various feudal courts. All heralds, whether employed by the royal court or a solitary knight, report to and are organized in a collective network called the College of Heralds.

Heraldry is a profession that supports and celebrates the dynastic families of gentry and nobility. Heralds create, record, and identify coats-of-arms, which are the emblems of status of the great families of Angelica. A herald should be able to immediately recognize the heraldry of any noble or gentle family, as when seen on the field or when seen at tournament. They are also advisors in all matters of ceremony and precedence, including especially the proper useage of forms of address and the formal conducting of court and state visits.

In game, heralds should be trained in the scribe skill, as they have the power to issue letters patent to new gentry or nobles when they are granted title by a count or higher magnate. If there is a special function by which coats-of-arms may be issued or assigned in-game, then heralds are the yeomen who will be trained in those functions. Heralds are also the deliverers of messages both in game and through Discord servers. In these respects, the duties of heralds somewhat overlap with those of both Clerks and Envoys of the Royal Court, but with a specialized purview of topics related to genealogy, precedence, and noble status.

Because heraldry is so closely associated with the noble classes, its position among other yeoman of the court roles is somewhat more distinguished. A herald has a special Oath of Office which is taken on ascension to the role of herald. The wording of that oath can be found at this link:

Herald Oath


Outside of game, heralds are often tasked with the production of graphics, forum moderation, and discord server moderation. In the past, in the Kingdom of Hyperion, the title used when a herald was also a forum or voice chat moderator was “herald emcee.”