Lord Mayor

Lord Mayor/Magistrate is the title of a leader of a boroughs or an incorporated city, which in Valyria are collective entities identified with a civilian settlement of at least 25 and 50 parcels in size, respectively, and chartered with a town charter. A Lord Mayor is ranked as a member of the “aristocracy” class in Chronicles of Elyria, which the game places between the “nobility” (which Valyria refers to as magnates) and the “gentry” (which Valyria refers to as equites).

A Lord Mayor is assigned during the chartering of a new boroughs, and will typically be the player with the most land, but this is not a requirement.[1] Because of this fact, a Lord Mayoralty is neither a vassalage nor is it hereditary, as a boroughs may very well have a stipulation in its charter that calls for mayors to be elected from among aldermen or other Town Councillors. Even though both a Lord Mayor and a Baron are classed by the game as “aristocracy” (which Valyria recognizes as Domini Minores), Valyria considers Lord Mayor to be an office, not a feudal title, and the “lord” designation to be a courtesy. A Lord Mayor will therefore maintain his gentry titles connected with his actual personal lands and estates, such as squire or baronet. Should a Lord Mayor be elected to the House Comitates, his seat will be referred to as Knight of the Shire or Burgess of the Shire, as opposed to “Baron” because of this fact.

In formal address, a herald should announce a Lord Mayor as “The Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of“, and directly as, “My Lord Mayor.”


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