Lord Warden

The Lord Warden of the Kingdom of Valyria is the executor of the Royal Cabinet tasked with the management, oversight, and patrolling of Royal Forest. The Royal Forest is not a specific place per se, but is a Crown Branch employing personnel who manage the resources and the patrolling of wildnerness areas throughout the kingdom, and enforce laws pertinent to those regions. These wilderness areas include both uninhabited lands and royal and ducal preserves. The Lord Warden deals in the sale of lumber and forage from the Royal Forest and also protects against the poaching of game.

The Lord Warden employs foresters, and also must network with other foresters who are employed by various ducal and comital courts. The Lord Warden may issue writs to be enforced by foresters, who in wilderness regions have much the same power as sheriffs to collect on bounty tokens. Rangers, who are yeomenn trained in woodcraft, are also under the command of the Lord Warden. The Lord Warden sets the standards for ranger skill levels throughout the realm for player soldiers to qualify as rangers.

During wartime, the Lord Warden is the most powerful land based military officer after the Lord Constable, and his network of foresters and rangers are used to scout and track enemy troop movements. As such, his rank in the Army is lieutenant captain general.