The Navy of Valyria is a Crown Branch led by the Royal Cabinet executor called the Lord Admiral. The Navy is an office which organizes the “fleet” of Valyria, which includes every seaworthy and combat worthy vessel from throughout the kingdom. These vessels under the purview of the Navy are drawn not only from those which are owned and operated by the Crown (HVMS ships), but those in the service of the various dukes and port boroughs and cities.

The Lord Admiral is chief of the Navy, but he and the Navy, by extension, are subordinate to the Lord Constable of Valyria and thus, the Army.

Because of the skill involved in sailing and the interest of members of the merchant class in owning and using ships, the Navy provides a somewhat unique opportunity for those of non-gentle or noble status to become officers. Naval military rank has been tailored to be exactly equivalent to Army rank throughout Valyria for both enlisted and officer ranks. Differences appear where the army ranks pertain to the leadership of warbands of men under a banner, for the reason that naval troop deployment is necessarily limited by the space and mobility provided by a ship. The default unit around which Valyrian army ranks are organized is that of the company, which is taken to be a body of troops under the leadership of a baron, who operates as “captain” (fr. Latin “caput”, or head). The equivalent naval rank of “captain”, therefore, denotes the leader of a vessel with enough capacity to support an equivalent number of crew as the field version of the “company” would. Military leaders of vessels smaller than this are called “skipper”.

For vessels that are hosting or transporting soldiers, there is a difference between the “captain” of the troops versus the owner of the ship who leads the sailing crew. When the owner of the ship is not the military leader of the soldiers or marines aboard a ship, the owner is referred to as the shipmaster.