Parliamentary Acts

In Valyria, laws and policies can come from one of two sources: The Crown or ParliamentParliamentary Acts are laws, bills, measures, or acts that have carried a vote in the House of High Lords and then passed under the Great Seal of Valyria, usually under the care of the Lord Chancellor. In this, they are entirely different, although equivalent, to royal decrees, which only need to be declared by the King or his Hand.

All such legislation passed by Parliament must, according to the constitution, receive royal Assent from the King. This is usually assumed by the ratification of the legislation by the King’s proxy, the Lord Chancellor. In the case of royal veto, however, which is the same as the rejection of Assent, Parliament may still pass the legislation with a three fourths majority vote of both its Houses.[1] This vote must be taken again after the use of a royal veto even if the legislation had secured more than the 75% needed on its first vote.

Certain types of legislation, such as those which deal with polices on law, taxation, or international treaties, require a majority vote of two thirds to carry. [1]



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