Regimental Sergeant Major

Regimental Sergeant Major is a special appointed position for a single sergeant from an entire duchy. The position is to a regiment what a regular sergeant major is to a company, and what a first sergeant is to a retinue. He is the non commissioned officer with leadership over all companies and not just one, meaning the whole regiment. The regimental sergeant major a confidant of a colonel and is supposed to represent the concerns and viewpoint of all the enlisted men from all the companies in the duchy. He is also considered third in command of the regiment after the duke and the constable of the duchy, and can lead all the infantry companies on the field of battle in their absence.

Typically, the regimental sergeant major is also a direct vassal of the colonel or duke leading a regiment. If the sergeant who is appointed regimental sergeant major is a colonus in sworn bondage to another liege lord, the duke will usually release him from bondage and allow him to operate as a freemann regimental sergeant major.