Sheriffs in the Kingdom of Valyria are a type of Yeoman of the Court. To be a sheriff in the Kingdom of Valyria requires taking and passing the Royal Yeoman Exam. Although both duchies and the Crown can employ sheriffs, Royal Sheriffs are the yeomen who are employed by the Crown Branch called King's Bench. This is one of the three judicial courts of the kingdom, and the first court of kingdomwide as opposed to local jurisdiction.

The duties of sheriffs in Valyria include the execution of writs, the assembling of juries, and the arresting, guarding and transport of prisoners. Royal sheriffs are appointed by the Crown and are understood as emissaries of the Crown, and they have additional responsibilities, including to preside over the county court as judge when decisions of the Court of Common Pleas are appealed, as well as to keep in contact with the Crown and to report on problematic activities. This means that sheriffs must acquire judge status in game. The Crown will assign one royal sheriff to each county in the kingdom, and it is a requirement of all dukes to grant access to royal sheriffs, as part of the customary oath which all take to 'uphold the Crown, the Great Charter of Valyria, and the Common Law.' As royal officials distributed throughout the kingdom, sheriffsmay also, at times, be called upon to act as neutral arbiters, as when appointed to oversee lands in adverse possession.

A sheriff may not preside over the trial of a magnate in the Kingdom of Valyria, as peers of the realm have special rights according to the seventh section of the Great Charter of Valyria.[1] However, a royal sheriff is empowered to seek and bring a magnate to justice via bounty tokens when so ordered. [2]


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