A sinecure is a yeomann role, but a sinecure is the only type of yeomann that is not required to have taken the Royal Yeomann Exam before they are offered their position. Sinecures do not have specific skill sets and do not match any of the required personnel needs of Crown Branches or even of feudal courts. Instead, sinecures have special talents or qualities that their hiring lords wish to celebrate by having them on staff. Examples of sinecure positions include “Master Harper”, “House Chef”, “Trainer of Ursaphants” or “Royal Alchemist.”

A lord’s motivation for offering a sinecure position could be as a reward, because the sinecure’s special talent benefits the realm in some way, or else simply because the sinecure’s fame and accomplishments glorify the lord himself. However, sinecureship shouldn’t be understood as simply a catch-all term for any employee of a lord whose occupation doesn’t match one of the eight traditional yeomenn. Sinecures are still freemann and courtly positions. Servant positions like valet, butler, nursemaid, or chauffeur should still be understood as belonging to coloni.