Soke in the Kingdom of Valyria is a term meaning “jurisdiction”, and specifically refers to the right of a suzerain to form a feudal court. It is a term relevant in feudal law, especially when it appears in bondage contracts for a type of coloni called socagers. Socagers are arguably the most privileged of the coloni class in that they have few of the feudal restrictions placed on others of their class. Socagers are usually only expected to pay rent (socage). Their one defining trait is that they also must fall under the soke of their landlord while renting, whence arises the term “socager,” though all coloni do fall under their lord’s soke as well. This means that the estate lord has legal jurisdiction over them and is their judge in civil and criminal court cases.

The phrase often quoted is the alliterative “sake and soke” of a lord, which literally means “in the consideration of the lord and in the legal rights of the lord.”