The Crown Branches

The Crown Branches

Valyria’s government is divided into two great powers, Parliament and the Crown. Parliament is a body of land holding noblemenn, but the Crown is also a body and not just a single mann. The Crown is the executive arm of Valyria, and it is divided into many departments which manage different affairs for the kingdom. These departments are called the Crown Branches, and each Crown Branch is headed by at least one member of the Royal Cabinet, with some being shared by two or more.

Each Crown Branch is handed by a Royal Cabinet Lord, called an executor, and employs corresponding types of yeomenn, called ministers.

Chancery is the office responsible for production of documents and the maintenance of records. It maintains the Charter Rolls, the Patent Rolls, and issues writs and warrants. It is also the highest law court and houses the Great Seal of Valyria. It is staffed by Clerks of the Royal Court and is headed by the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Diplomat.

The Exchequer is the financial office of the Crown, and maintains a running ledger of the Crown’s accounts, including money received from taxation and other revenues, as well as debts owed. It is led by a Lord Exchequer and employs Royal Reeves.

The College of Heralds maintains genealogy, coats-of-arms, ceremonial protocol, and a courtly messenger service. It is led by the Lord Extoller of Arms, who leads the Royal Heralds and maintains a network of all heralds of every station throughout Valyria.

King's Bench is the first royal law court, which serves as a court for capital crimes and for appeals for lesser crimes coming from the lower courts of the land. King’s Bench oversees the assignment of Royal Sheriffs throughout Valyria, and is headed by the Lord Justiciar.

The Royal Chambers is a euphemism and collective term for the residential halls of His Royal Majesty, whether they be in the palace or his private quarters in any place he receives hospitality. The Lord Chamberlain is master here, and he manages all things close to the King’s household, including stored provisions, the scheduling of ceremonies, and events sponsored by the royal House.

The Army of Valyria is the term used to describe not just the King's Guard and Royal Troops, but the soldiery of the entire feudal array of the kingdom, from each and every duchy and barony and banner. The Lord Constable is commander over all, and his department works with quartermasters to ensure adequate supply and armament.

The Navy of Valyria, like the army, is a term describing not just the vessels with the ship sign “HVMS“, but crewed fighting vessels of every port and harbour throughout the kingdom. The Lord Admiral, though still subordinate in command to the Lord Constable, is commander of all vessels.

The Shadow Authority is the secret service of the kingdom, engaging in intelligence gathering and espionage both at home and abroad. Two Cabinet Lords preside here – the Lord Intelligencer and the Lord Inquisitor. Both direct agents, but the Lord Intelligencer bears a military and diplomatic function, whereas the Lord Inquisitor bears a law enforcement function.

Royal Forest is a term describing the office which manages all wilderness area in the kingdom, whether that is undeveloped land or special game preserves. The Lord Warden directs oversight of these areas, tasking rangers to patrol, and foresters to enforce within these environs.