The Great Officers of State

The Three Great Officers of State are the top 3 ranking royal officials in the kingdom, all of whom have been delegated a part of the King's royal power. As the leading officers of the body known as The Crown, the Great Officers of State are supreme in their respective domains. The three are the Lord Privy Seal, also called the “Hand” of the King, the Lord Chancellor, who is also Prolocutor of the House of High Lords, and the Lord Constable, who is the head of the Valyrian military. As the symbols of their office, each also wields a piece of the king’s coronation regalia, the Royal Privy Seal, the Great Seal of Valyria, and the Valyrian Sword of State, respectively.

Of the three, the Lord Privy Seal is the most senior, as he is the head of the Royal Cabinet, which also includes the other two Great Officers, making them answerable to him. However, the Lord Privy Seal’s power is only that of activating or calling upon other powers. The Lord Chancellor's leadership of the legislature, a body composed of all of the crowned lords of the realm, should be considered for its strong influence over kingdom politics, especially when it is remembered that the Great Seal of Valyria, which he bears, is the means by which all laws are ratified in Valyria, whether decreed by the Crown or passed as acts by Parliament. Likewise, the directorship of the armed forces of Valyria, which the Lord Constable possesses, is an actual, as opposed to a merely symbolic, repository of Valyrian power.