The House Comitates

The House Comitates is the lower body of the bicameral legislature of Valyria called ParliamentThe Great Charter of Valyria describes seats in the House Comitates as being awarded by election to “two representatives from every county in Valyria.” However, because these representatives are drawn from the “communal” classes, and because the Great Charter specifies the old word for county, “shire“, it actually allows for two representatives for each county within a merged or grand county, which is 24 per duchy. These elected representatives are traditionally called the two Knights of the Shire, but they may also be barons or burgesses, in which case those individuals are simply called Barons or Burgesses “of the Shire”, as appropriate.

The House Comitates is presided over by the Speaker of the House, who is simply elected from among the number of sitting Knights of the Shire. As president, the Speaker controls the introduction of bills for debate and calls for motions to vote.

Once a measure is passed by the House Comitates, it is passed up to the House of High Lords for debate and a final vote, after which it becomes law.