The King

The King of Valyria is the most powerful person in all of Valyria, considered a social class of one, and the sole occupant of the role “Rex”, which is the only role that outranks a magnate. The king is also the head of the executive branch of Valyrian government, which is called The Crown.

The role of king in Valyria is hereditary, and the King is considered to rule by divine right. The current King of Valyria is His Royal Majesty, King Arthur Valen, Duke of Valenos, Count of Leonesse, and Lord of Caerleon, First of His Name. His heir is His Royal Highness, Prince Matthias Valen, who is currently an NPC set to house the soul of the current king’s player.

When introduced by a herald, or in formal address, a king should be addressed as “His Royal Majesty“, and in person as “Sire” or “My King” or “Your Majesty.”