The Lord Chancellor

The Lord Chancellor is one of the 3 Great Officers of State, and is the Royal Cabinet executor in charge of the Crown Branch or royal department known as Chancery. The Lord Chancellor is also the head of the House of High Lords and therefore of Parliament. Because of both his role as head of Chancery and as head of the Parliament, he is custodian of the Great Seal of Valyria, as he must use it to ratify both documents drafted by royal clerks in Chancery as well as laws passed by Parliament.

The Lord Chancellor is Prolocutor over the House of High Lords, which means he is president and conducts matters on the House floor, including the timing and introduction of bills and laws and the calls to vote on them. In the event of a tie vote in the House of High Lords, he is allowed a tiebreaking vote, but otherwise does not have a vote himself, even if he is a magnate and would therefore qualify for a seat in the House.

As the head of Chancery, the Lord Chancellor is in charge of hiring royal clerks, which are yeomen hired to work for the royal, as opposed to the ducal or comital courts. The clerks he hires form the working administration of Chancery.